Wood Panelled Multi-Use ADU in San Jose

Take a look inside this beautiful Abodu One backyard build.


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The Building

This wood-panelled beauty belongs to Flora, a property manager in San Jose, California.

Flora bought an Abodu One, a 500 square foot, one bedroom ADU.

She opted for a La Cantina door, cedar siding exterior, upgraded appliances, and a washer/dryer combo. She also also added bench seating in the living room and solar panels.

Project Costs

The total cost for this project in 2019 was $265,500 USD.

The building and permits cost $233,500 (including upgrades), and she paid about $32,000 in site specific expenses including additional craning fees, demolition, fire sprinklers, and extended utility trenching.


What do you use your Prefab for?

Flora: “I use our Abodu in lots of different ways. It's our guesthouse when company comes to visit. Our family uses it as an auxiliary entertaining space when we host friends and family (we spend a lot of time in the backyard).

Sometimes my husband or I use it as our office. It is also a short term rental.

It has been a really practical extension of our home and living space.”

Why did you choose prefab, and why did you choose this option?

“I chose to go the prefab route for the construction of this ADU because it is usually faster than a custom built project. Pricing is more upfront and in our experience, generally cheaper than custom built projects.

I really liked the unique design of the Abodu One. I was also impressed with Abodu's aggressive installation timeline, which was shortened by their upfront collaboration with the city of San Jose to smooth out the ADU permitting process. We were very impressed with their hands on approach to permitting.

The third reason we chose Abodu was their white glove, end to end project management. They handled everything: hiring of subcontractors, permits, inspections, and scheduling of it all.

The first time we built an ADU, we had to manage everything ourselves and it took us twice as long to build something half the size.”

What’s your favorite thing about the space?

“I love how spacious it feels. The clean lines and lots of light make it feel really big, but also very cozy and inviting at the same time.”

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