Interview with Abodu Cofounder John Geary

Abodu cofounder John Geary discusses prefab and modular building, common misconceptions in the prefab world, and the future of prefab.



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What makes Abodu different?

"Quality of design: We use Scandinavian and Nordic influences to build a really beautifully, thoughtfully designed, high-quality, no-compromise living space.

Speed: We’re the fastest ADU available. We couple our prefabricated process with our pre-approved process with multiple cities across CA to tie together an experience that is extremely rapid in ADU construction. In some cities, such as San Jose, CA, we can get a project complete in as little as 30 days from permit to delivery.

People choose to work with Abodu for the Quality and Speed of our project as time is of the essence for homeowners and in comparison of a traditional ADU construction build takes 2-3 years."

The Abodu One with natural cedar siding

How do you think about the future of prefab?

"The future of prefab is bright! There are many new technologies and construction methods coming on the market and we are big believers in this innovation."

What are some common misunderstandings about prefab, and how should people think about them instead?

"There's different types of prefab. What most people are familiar with is HUD-based manufactured housing (better known as "trailer homes") which is absolutely not what Abodu offers.  We build to the most modern, restrictive residential building code in a given state—the same as any new custom on-site construction, down to permanent foundation, structure, energy performance, etc. Unless your current home was built in the last two years, our Abodus will run laps around your home from an energy performance, earthquake safety, and sound-isolation point-of-view."

Abodu One interior shot - living room area

Abodu One interior shot - kitchen and dining room

What should customers expect from Abodu?

"We're a one-stop shop that starts with by building our Abodu ADUs through a prefabricated process where we take care of the entire structure offsite, deliver it to the home on the back of a truck, and handles all on-site work needed to prep the foundation for the unit to be place in the ground.

We provide full end-to-end service paired with speed. Our concierge takes care of every step of the process throughout your Abodu project from permitting to fulfillment, all the way to delivery day and warranty. People don’t want to have the hassle that comes with a project. With our expertise, we are able to handle it all.

We currently service California and Washington State. On-site or in our showroom, you get concierge-level service, from first walk-through to key in hand. We manage every part of your experience down to the last detail. So you get a dwelling you love in as little as 6 months, and a process you’d repeat in a heartbeat."

Abodu is a prefab ADU builder in San Francisco, California. They build backyard homes to help solve for the housing crisis in the Bay Area and beyond while providing an exceptional experience and product for homeowners looking to install an affordable ADU with the quickest timeline. Get in touch with their team at

The Abodu One with dark cedar siding with a standing seam metal roof

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