Interview with Lloyoll Founder Jonathan Lloy

Lloyoll's founder and president Jonathan Lloy discusses prefab and modular building, common misconceptions in the prefab world, and the future of prefab.



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What makes Lloyoll prefabs different?

"We openly and honestly commit to the cost of your build, including delivery services, before you ever talk to a sales person.

Our online build and price function allows customers to select from different finishes and textures while tracking costs changes in real time. Our modern design philosophy, carefully selected products and thoughtfully considered details are vetted and reliable.

Our manufacturing process is boutique and artisan - Lloyoll Prefabs is the "slow food” version of modular manufacturing - old world craft harnessed in a modern product setting."

From left to right: Quality Program Manager Matt Lewis, Shop Supervisor Brent Baker, Founder and President Jonathan Lloy

How do you think about the future of prefab?

"Prefabrication is a necessary evolution away the traditional unreliable site build practices. Building prefab is the best direction we have for moving away from environmentally damaging and carbon heavy on-site construction to the more controlled environment prefab manufacturing offers.

Prefab is not necessarily less expensive than traditional building methods - it is simply more efficient, and therefore a better value for many customers."

Lloyoll Prefab Show Home being delivered

What are some common misunderstandings about prefab, and how should people think about them instead?

"We find the prefab construction process is often values higher by the experienced and seasoned residential property/home owner. We can turn the rigours of building a home into the joy of shopping for a home. Choosing prefab will likely require a larger down payment then traditional construction. Site costs will be similar.

Searching for land to put your prefab is the most exciting part of the process, and can be a lot of work. Once you have the land and know where you will site the home, you can consider what sort of dwelling works there and fits your lifestyle.

With modular construction you can build the home and execute the site work and foundation simultaneously, decreasing the project timeline by 50% or even more. Prefab allows you to bring Engineering, Architectural design and a qualified builder all together without the expense and work of assembling this team and transporting them to your adventure destination.

All prefab homes need to be maintained and the interior environment needs to be controlled. We designed our structures to be low maintenance by providing customers with a maintenance schedule for mechanical systems, and we select our exterior claddings for their longevity as well as simple beauty."

Lloyoll SKÁLI prefab home on build site

What should customers expect from Lloyoll?

"Above, high level service. We design and engineer a set of micro-adventure cabins. Future offerings will expand on these layouts while offering add-on rooms, including 4 seasons sun rooms, entry vestibules with storage, and private wings that add more bedroom space. We're also moving toward building more bathrooms, offices and dens.

Lead times can be a little as three months to as much as six to eight months, depending on the queue ahead."

Lloyoll is a leading manufacturer of premium modular homes. Lloyoll Prefabs curates your journey from design and costing, to delivery and installation. They ship from their shop on Nova Scotia's South Shore to anywhere on the North American continent. Learn more and discover Lloyoll's prefab models at

Interior of Lloyoll Skali show home
Lloyoll Prefabs Design Co-Ordinator Caralee Lloy hard at work

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