Interview with Plant Prefab Founder Steve Glenn

Plant Prefab founder Steve Glenn discusses prefab and modular building, common misconceptions in the prefab world, and the future of prefab.


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Hey Steve! What makes Plant Prefab different?

"We’re focused on custom design and we can work with any architecture. Most prefab companies do not build fully custom designs and they tend to offer only their own designs which they won’t customize beyond finish and fixtures.  

We employ our patented building system – the Plant Building System™ -- that combines specialized Plant Panels and Plant Modules and that gives us significant design, transportation and cost advantages over prefabricators who tend to employ only panels or modules. We are a purpose-driven business and a certified B Corp. We were the first home prefabricator to commit to becoming carbon neutral in our operations and the first custom home prefabricator to become a Certified B Corp™."

How do you think about the future of prefab?

"Prefab is far more entrenched as a building system in Scandinavia, Japan, and many countries in Europe than it is in the US, because they have had far larger costs for land, labor, materials and shorter building seasons.

Since the downturn ended in 2012, we’ve seen an unprecedented increase in land and construction costs in the US and so prefab is and will increasingly offer a cost and time efficient alternative to traditional, site based construction."

Plant Prefab home under construction

LivingHome 6 Single-Family Home in Los Angeles, California

What are some common misunderstandings about prefab, and how should people think about them instead?

"Figure out whether you want to – or need to – do custom construction or whether a standard solution from some vendor will work. This will have major implications on the company with whom you can/should work.

Getting your design/construction team together as early as possible – your architect (if you have one), your prefabricator, and your site general contractor – is critical so there can be super close coordination between the teams with respect to scope of work and to ensure tight coordination.

Prefab maintenance is no different from any home. Hopefully your vendor offers a great home manual and you follow the instructions for proper and periodic maintenance!"

What should customers expect from Plant Prefab?

"Plant designs and prefabricates custom, high-quality, healthy, sustainable, single- and multi-family homes. We empower individuals and small developers seeking to build their own projects, providing an efficient and reliable solution with peace of mind during the process.

We make any type of home, from 400 square foot Accessory Dwelling Units, to multi-unit apartments and condos. Typical project budgets range from $250/sf to $350+/sf. This doesn’t include transport, installation, and site work. We ship to anywhere. Lead time depends on project needs and what’s in the factory."

Plant Prefab is a prefab home manufacturer. They ship from their shop in Ontario, California across the USA. Get in touch with their team at

LightHouse LivingHome Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) in Sebastopol, California

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