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2019 Bunkie No Loft by Bunkie Life


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2019 Bunkie No Loft

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Whether you need extra space for your family or friends, a place to escape on your property, an office or studio, this easy-to-build bunkie is a perfect escape. 2019 Log Cabin Bunkie Kit no Loft includes: Walls and door made from kiln-dried Northern Spruce; all wood is pre-cut and notched 2 double pane windows. 1 window on the door and 1 front window. 1 window opens to let the fresh air in. Tongue and groove floor Roof deck boards; add your choice of roofing All hardware, including the door handle and lock Trim is included Easy to follow building instructions Build the bunkie in 1-2 days or have it installed by a professional team No building permit is required in Ontario (less than 108 sq. ft.); we advise you to confirm with your municipality. Contact David if you have any questions.

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2019 Bunkie No Loft

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Bunkie Life

We built our first bunkie in 2015 so we could have space for our parents to stay overnight and visit their grandchildren.

Our house wasn’t large enough for everyone, and my Mom was tired of sleeping on the couch, so she encouraged us to build something on our property.

I searched on the internet for a solution. I wanted to find something that was relatively easy to build and a reasonable price. Plus I didn’t want the hassle of getting a building permit.

Then I discovered a solution, bunkies you can build from a kit.

We ordered a bunkie and my Dad and I built our bunkie in one weekend. I loved it so much that we built 4 more. I starting renting out the bunkies on Airbnb as a getaway from the city. They were booked almost every night, year-round (currently on pause due to COVID-19).

We know what features are important in a bunkie and we offer bunkie kits for the most reasonable price. View all our bunkie models or a gallery of bunkies.

We love to give helpful advice on how to build your bunkie. We want you to enjoy having the extra space on your property for meaningful connection and quality time, just like us.

– David & Karrie Fraser, Bunkie Life, Erin, ON

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