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The Connect 5L is a vista ranch gem ideal for large lots with sweeping vineyard views and full wine glasses. This long, single-story floor plan features a full kitchen tucked away at one end of the home, opening up to a great room made for entertaining friends and family. A glassy, sun-bathed living room sits in the heart of the home before tapering to a hallway that leads to three generous bedrooms. The expansive master suite sits at the far end of the footprint — complete with a walk-in closet and an en suite bathroom featuring both a shower and tub. Spacious, partial-wrap decks are a recommended upgrade to help you and your guests soak up every last sip of wine country.

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Three Closed Bedrooms

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Full Kitchen

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Acclaimed architect Jared Levy spent his entire professional career designing high-end modern homes that brought the “glass box in the sky” dream to California royalty. His work pushed the boundaries of functional modern design — emphasizing open plans, natural light and indoor-outdoor living. In Jared’s own words, he strives to design homes that “make you feel healthier, brighter, more connected to nature and your place in it”.

In 2004, Jared helped launch Marmol Radziner Prefab alongside architect Gordon Stott. Their award-winning work graced the covers of Dwell, Time, Newsweek and Builder. GQ Magazine praised their work as “Masterpiece in a Box” while their designs became the first modern prefab homes to be published in Architectural Digest.

But somewhere between importing marble from Italy and returning home to their old Californian bungalows, they realized their work wasn’t addressing the needs of the everyday homeowner. While the prefab industry resolved some inefficiencies encountered by traditional homebuilding and remodeling, it didn’t deliver on its potential: offering modern, sustainable design at an affordable price point. The duo was convinced there was a better way.

They spent the next two years developing and patenting a modular prefab system that dramatically reduced construction and delivery costs — costs that have kept modern prefab homes from being both high-end and low-cost. They also focused on simplifying the process by prioritizing transparent pricing and taking project management stress off the homeowner.

Since then, Connect Homes has built a team dedicated to making modern living more accessible by reimagining how we build and buy homes.

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