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During the early spring of 2020, there was definitely a lot of uncertainty and everyday routines of how we conducted business were disrupted.

The lines between home and work and school became blurred. Americans of every age had to find new ways to focus our advancement without leaving the house. Many students went to school on a laptop in the dining room. Some remote workers converted their coffee table into their zoom conference office.

Privacy was challenged among many other things, including distraction noises or virtual meeting interruptions.Suddenly, finding a dedicated space has become more of a challenge than resetting the kitchen table from office space to dinner time. And back again.

Together, the Hydda team was created by like-minded professionals in west-central Ohio with skillsets to create new square footage of solid, American-built rooms that can easily plug-in to your home.

Our founders are dedicated to delivering a solid room for your yard. We want it to be as turn-key as possible with all the amenities included so that you can focus on what happens within your space – safely and securely. All you’ll have to do is decide how to decorate it based on its purpose for your new chapter.

We work directly with our builders, logistics and delivery crews to ensure every Hydda room is what the new owner envisioned. Hydda rooms come with electrical, heat, cooling and lighting included. All that is required to be prepared for installation is level ground and a 30 amp electric cord from your home power source.

We source materials and partnerships locally to proudly say all Hydda living rooms are made in America.

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