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Ponderosa Thirty Five by Smiling Woods Yurts


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Ponderosa Thirty Five

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With 930 sq. feet, the Ponderosa Thirty-Five is a perfect starting point for a small family home. The main yurt body can easily accommodate a kitchen, living room, bathroom, and a nice bedroom. By adding a loft or additional rooms to the outer walls there are many possibilities for even more creative designs.

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Studio / Office


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No Closed Bedrooms

No Bathroom

No kitchen

Rollable/On Wheels

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Ponderosa Thirty Five

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Smiling Woods Yurts

Smiling Woods Yurts is a kit round home manufacturer based in Washington's Methow Valley. Our facility uses only the finest woods and precision machining to produce unparalleled panelized products ready for you or your contractor to assemble. Our design and manufacturing teams have decades of experience in round homes, and are ready to help with your project, from simple to complex. We offer complete shells including wall panels, rafters, and roofing, roof-only packages, and a selection of interior finishes including ceilings. We also offer panelized solutions. and material matching for any additions or linkages between yurts. Our yurts use traditional stick framing and are permitted as permanent homes in most jurisdictions. We ship across the United States (including Alaska and Hawaii), Canada, and beyond (including New Zealand).

We offer the finest thoughtfully-crafted, yurt-inspired panelized building kits and round homes. From our 300 plus square foot Birch Twenty to 500 square foot Maple 25 all the way up to our 1200 plus square foot Sequoia Forty-One, we offer yurt kits of all sizes (20, 25, 30, 35, and 41 foot diameter) -- whether for a yoga studio, classroom, meeting space, getaway cabin, or full-time round home. Our round homes are some of the most efficient designs you can build, and our easy-to-assemble kits reduce construction waste and our precision machining ensures a tight envelope, straight from the factory.

With hundreds of Smiling Woods Yurts out in the world, we have decades of experience and build products to last. If you aren't sure if round living is for you, we have dozens of our products around the world being used for short-term rentals, glamping, hotels, vacation homes, yoga studios, and the like for you to try out. Check out our "Stay in a Yurt" section to find a publicly-accessible Smiling Woods Yurt near you.

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