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In 2017 Thimble Homes was called upon and tasked with assisting the manufacturing program at Yamhill Carlton High School (YC) in coming up with a tiny house program that would allow the students to touch on as many aspects of the construction industry as possible. After an initial meeting Thimble was able to create a proposal that helped the school realize its goal of building a tiny home. With the assistance of Thimble Homes CEO Luke Nodine, Fieken Plumbings Tim Fieken, and YC High school Manufacturing instructor Trevor DaSilva, multiple groups of students worked hands on for two years and constructed a 20' foot long tiny home. This tiny home is now for sale and will help to fund the next tiny home build for an upcoming school year.

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Tiny Home


Up to 2 People




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One Bathroom

Full Kitchen

Rollable/On Wheels

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You’ll be amazed by the livability of tiny homes when they are custom built to your lifestyle. Tiny living doesn’t have to feel small with our efficient, customized, tiny homes designs.

One size doesn’t fit all – especially when it comes to living spaces. Ditch the kit and partner with us to design a tiny house plan specifically around your needs. When you’re working with a small floor plan, every measurement counts towards ease of use and functionality. Leave the building to our expert contractors. We promise to deliver quality that will exceed your expectations.

Whatever your budget, our team can build it. We work with clients to create tiny homes from the ground up that meet their needs, now, and into the future.

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