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United Dwelling

Two bedroom

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Two Closed Bedrooms

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Two bedroom

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United Dwelling

California faces a crisis in affordable housing crisis. In an effort to address this problem, the state legislature passed a series of bills designed to encourage the construction of new affordable housing — streamlining the regulatory approval process, providing more state funding, and cracking down on local governments that fall short of their housing goals.

At United Dwelling, we looked at these new efforts and asked, “How can we make a difference?” The answer seemed obvious — the communities most in need of affordable housing were also in need of money to develop the housing and an organization that could efficiently manage the additional units… and an idea was born.

United Dwelling was created to facilitate converting underutilized garages or backyards into attractive housing at a price low enough to be truly affordable, providing homeowners with the same income they would gain if they did this themselves. We believe that the key to making this possible and delivering on our promise is to optimize operations and economies of scale.

We are early in this endeavor and our long-term success depends on making our customers happy. We look forward to working with homeowners to provide a convenient, seamless, and stress-free experience in converting garages and backyards into affordable housing, while delivering a compelling housing experience to the tenants who select a United Dwelling home. Please join us on our journey to change the way Los Angeles lives.

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