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Little Bird

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Zyl Vardos

Zyl Vardos specializes in highly functional, uniquely-styled tiny house structures. They are traditionally crafted, but engineered in a forward-thinking way. Founded in 2007 - Zyl Vardos is one of the most experienced building companies in the tiny house world.

We offer a wide variety of original designs, or can create something completely new. Our workshop is located in Olympia, WA, USA and most of our structures can be shipped anywhere in the continental USA. If you are outside the USA, and would like to work with us, we are occasionally able to work remotely.

Zyl Vardos is known throughout the world for our absolutely stunning shaped rooflines, handmade windows and doors, and bespoke interiors. We have the best in-house 'concept to creation' ability of any tiny house company. But alongside those aesthetics, we hold an extremely high ethic of quality. Our designs are safe, reliable, last a very long time, are easy to maintain, and hold their value.

Because we make so many of the house elements ourselves, we have complete control over the quality and type of materials that compose our structures. So, our houses are healthier than most, both for you and the environment. Almost all materials we use are non-VOC and sustainably sourced. We also have the ability to omit or substitute elements for those with particular material sensitivities.

Zyl Vardos was founded by Abel Zimmerman Zyl, who has been designing and building in the residential and marine trades since 1991. Abel is known for his educational, activist and informative efforts in the tiny house world. He is a founding member of the American Tiny House Association and current Consulting Board Member for construction and design. He and his work have been featured on HGTV, National Geographic News, Forbes Magazine, OPB’s State of Wonder, ADR Germany TV, The San Francisco Globe, and in the book Tiny Homes on the Move by Lloyd Khan.

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