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Abodu is the leading builder of backyard homes, also referred to as accessory dwelling units (ADUs), and offers a fast and predictable way to install secondary backyard housing units.

Abodu at its core is a product and a service that handles everything from contract sign toconstruction and delivery. Abodu ADUs are built in a controlled environment off-site whichallows for greater quality control, streamlined timelines, and less on-site construction timefor the homeowner. Abodu prepares all the on-site work needed to prep the foundation forthe unit to be placed in the ground. Once the unit is ready, Abodu delivers it to the home onthe back of a truck and crane lifts it into the backyard, ready to move in. Their mission is toprovide an exceptional experience and product for homeowners looking to expand theirproperty’s livable space with the quickest timeline.

Founded in July 2018 by John Geary and Eric Mclnerney, Abodu offers three unique productsand is the fastest end-to-end ADU provider, helping buyers navigate the regulatory hurdles and construction challenges that come with building a backyard home. For moreinformation on Abodu visit www.abodu.com.


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