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Modern Empathy

Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, Modern Empathy was founded in 2017 to create scaleable opportunities for our longest lived members of society to sustain engaging lives.

Our ADU company has a strong focus on accessible design.

Our population is aging, but the structure of our communities too often limits lifelong wellbeing. Living isolated from family, in deteriorating houses in car-centric neighborhoods, creates health outcomes on par with a heavy smoking habit.

As we were prototyping aging in place technology, we noticed a pattern. Many people are struggling to remain in their communities or among family. Families need more flexibility in creating their own longevity-friendly living environments. We dove in headfirst when we saw an opportunity to help everyone achieve this, backed by our Scientific Advisors who consider Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) to be an important enabler for healthy people and communities.  

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