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Washington Craftsman by Tiny Smart House


Tiny Smart House

Washington Craftsman

is a prefab modular

tiny home




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Tiny Home


Up to 2 People




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One Bathroom


Rollable/On Wheels

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Washington Craftsman

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states in the continental USA and all Canadian provinces



Tiny Smart House

Tiny SMART House is a custom tiny house builder out of Albany, Oregon. What does it mean to build a Tiny S.M.A.R.T House? Sustainable construction, Modern efficiency, Affordable luxury, Residential, RV or commercial and Towable anywhere. One of our company’s goals is to help facilitate people to go tiny however works for them, so we are fully licensed and certified to build RV travel trailers, park models, residential homes, prefabricated homes and accessory dwelling units (ADUs). We’re also proud to offer a variety of services (in addition to fully finished tiny houses) depending on our clients’ needs, including plans alone, design services and construction documents, or a partially finished home such as a shell. Let us help you make your tiny dreams come true!

Throughout his years in construction, Nathan Light Watson witnessed and worked on plenty of the super-sized homes that many of us have been taught to view as “the American Dream.” He had always preferred simpler living, and was troubled by this nearly unachievable and largely unsatisfying way of life. It turned out that his goals, values and priorities varied greatly from the most of the professionals in the construction industry. Rather than building 4,000 square foot McMansions, Nathan wanted to spend his days pursing his true passion: helping others live happily, responsibly, and debt free. Needless to say, when he learned about the tiny house movement he never looked back. Tiny SMART House was founded in 2012 and today Nathan is the sole owner, President and CEO. We’re just coming out of our busiest winter yet, and can’t wait to see what’s next for the company!

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